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Information on What to do when you’re Arrested

1. Call one of your most loved family members – sibling, parent, cousin. Briefly tell them your situation and ask them to help bail you out by contacting Hawaii Bail Bonds.
2. Once bailed out, return home with your loved one. Expand on the situation that got you in jail, let them know that you will never fall into this much trouble again. You regret getting arrested and you regret pulling your loved one in.
3. Over the next few days until you are asked to appear in court, return to work and/ or school, do not put yourself in a situation that can lead to trouble or jeopardize your conditions of release on bail, help out around the house, spend more time with family and friends in a safe environment and enjoy your time with them. Show them that getting arrested is not a true reflection of your character.
4. Prepare yourself for court.
5. Appear in court when asked.

Doesn’t seem too hard, right? This “free time” is meant to be spent with your loved ones. Getting arrested is often a “wake up call” for many because they finally see the dire consequences that are just within their reach. By spending time with loved ones, you really realize how much you do not want to miss out on if you were arrested.

Learn more about Hawaii Bail Bonds and the Hawaii bail program by calling (808) 400-2222.

hawaii bail bonds

What do you need to know about Hawaii Bail Bonds? We have it all!

Hawaii Bail Bonds has been serving Los Angeles for over 35 years, and in those 35 years, the company has been blessed to be so successful, that they have built offices all throughout the state of California. Now Hawaii Bail Bonds can assist people as far as Northern California! This well-respected company is family owned, and thus built on family values and morals, dedicated to helping loved ones reunite during troubled times. Hawaii Bail Bonds is very active in all communities and here is just some of the quality services you can expect:

Very quick processing of paperwork – your loved one’s time in jail is minimized as much as possible.

    • Personalize payment plan that you are comfortable with.
    • Confidential and reliable service. You’ll feel safe and protected; no rights will be violated.
    • Professionalism from your experienced bail agent. They will walk you through the entire process and make sure you fully understand what
      is going on.
    • 24/7 availability – call the company toll-free at (808)400-2222 or check in online.
      And more!

For a free consultation, call Hawaii Bail Bonds (808) 400-2222  or click Chat With Us link.